Welcome to Deadland.


What even is this place? Just another "corner of the internet" as i've seen others say. It's not nearly as cool as everyone else's sitez because of my shit coding skillz.

Anyway, you can take a look aroun' but you won't find much. Mainly because 90% of this thing is unfinished and broken.

Update Log

8.10.22:working on changing basically the whole goddamn thing lol.
7.29.22: ive been added to the self insert webring!!+added new graphics & fixed update box kinda
7.22.22: finished the about me site! +added some dollz to the header. ik its not lined up with everything else i'll fix it when i figure out how. also the site is public now!
7.20.22: fixed the links up + fixed up a couple more thingz like the placement of tha buttons and just the layout in general
7.19.22: put even more shit on the site (buttons, bf gif, more links (that lead to nothing because nothing is done lol))
7.18.22: actually put shit on the damn site (theres an actual layout now and not just a background!)