Welcome to Deadland.

What even is this place? Just another "corner of the internet" as i've seen others say. more like closet for me. It's not much because im pretty shit at coding. I've come here so I can break my unhealthy social media habits and to be more creative. This a pretty fun way to go bout it.

Anyway, you can take a look around. Or You could leave. I don't care.

this site looks like shit on mobile and looks best on a desktop!!!

☆ Update Log

3.13.24: artchive overhaul is driving me nuts. i shouldve just let it stay ugly. its taking FOREVER.
7.31.23: all shrines are done, wooooooo! i wanna make more, but not right now, so in the mean time, we're gonna leave it as these three. now i think i'm gonna work on some artchive stuff? idk yet. i'm tryna get all the easy stuff out the way before changing the index completely.
7.23.23: i changed music, FINALLY. i really hated how it looked for quite some time now. now i wanna try to finish some of the unimportant pages such as the shrines so when i'm done with all those i can start reworking the index for the 3rd or 4th time lol. 6.12.23: got rid of the diary. i wasnt using it lol. but now i have a blog which is BASICALLY like what the diary was...kinda? ik. rip diary.
4.25.23: FNFFAU SITE IS FINALLY DONE WOOOOOOO. it's kinda rough ik, but hey it's something. i've still got a lot more sites to do but i'm glad that ones out the way
4.15.23: the fnf blog is here!!! originally, i was gonna create it all from the ground up but i knew that was gonna take a really long time so i decided to use dreamwidth. i want to customize it some more and make it more fnf-y, but idk how to right now.
3.13.23: noticed a lot of art that io forgot to put in the artchive so ive been adding those. thinking of scrapping and redoing a lot of shit.
2.16.23: added diary! finally except its janky af rn.
1.5-6.23: added & removed a bunch of shit.
1.4.23: added a featured art section because i didn't like how it looked on the artchive + added another marquee of buttons bc why not?
10.30.22: updated music page. im fast right?
10.29.22: started and uploaded music page :D! only one page is done atm
10.23.22: made public, saw how janky it was and cleaned it up ALOT (well, as best as i could)
10.17.22: music of the week shits added + other minor additions
9.12.22:just some clean up and tryna make it look less messy. kinda wanna scrap this shit and start all over lol
9.6.22: i realized the version i was seeing on my laptop was different than the version everyone else is seeing, so im trying to make it fit better and not look squished and gross
9.6.22: i realized the version i was seeing on my laptop was different than the version everyone else is seeing, so gotta fix that asap+ FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE THE CUSTOM FONTS WORK!!!!
9.4.22: working on the diary. excited to finish it, but i dont really know what im doing + added my kins to my ab me cuz why not!!
8.10.22: working on changing basically the whole goddamn thing lol.
7.29.22: ive been added to the self insert webring!!+added new graphics & fixed update box kinda
7.22.22: finished the about me site! +added some dollz to the header. ik its not lined up with everything else i'll fix it when i figure out how. also the site is public now!
7.20.22: fixed the links up + fixed up a couple more thingz like the placement of tha buttons and just the layout in general
7.19.22: put even more shit on the site (buttons, bf gif, more links (that lead to nothing because nothing is done lol))
7.18.22: actually put shit on the damn site (theres an actual layout now and not just a background!)

☆ To Do List:

  • korean flash games shrine
  • update CD Collection
  • possible Graffiti Groovin shrine?
  • index OVERHAUL/change index completely
☆ Featured/Latest Art!

☆ song of da week

☆ fnf song of da week