In this world and kinda in every Friday Night Funkin’ thing I create, all the events of Friday Night Funkin’ take place in 2001. As in everything that happens in the game still has happened in this universe. Of course it is altered to my liking but it is basically all the same shit. So if you know the story of Friday Night Funkin’, you already know how this story starts. It’s basically the same, so I’m gonna speedrun that section. The family part takes place in around 2011-2012 but starts in like 2008-2009. BUT BEFORE WE DO THAT, we gotta take a moment to go through all the main character’s backstories in grave detail because I’m clinically insane!!!


BORN IN 1982, Kyo Aidoru was born to an angel mother Junko and human father Haruto Aidoru in Takayama, Japan. He didn’t live there very long before he moved to the U.S. Why did they move? I dunno. 2 years after he was born, his sister Miko was born. We’ll talk about her later. Anyways, Kyo had a pretty normal childhood. Except maybe the bullying. He experienced a lot of bullying for his bright blue hair and his weight in school. It didn’t help that he had pretty bad social anxiety and at this point undiagnosed adhd and autism. His social anxiety was so bad that at school would refuse to talk. This would continue for the entirety of his school life, but it got better as time went on. Not the bullying tho. That got worse. When he was in the fourth grade, the family moved to Philidelphia. Here is where he meets Pico. Pico helped Cy come out of his shell a little, and they became very close very fast. In middle school, things started to turn for the…worse? For the better? It took a turn okay. Pico and Cy are still close, and one day Cy’s mother allows him to spend the night at Pico’s place. On this day, Pico introduced him to rap music and other hip hop things and Cy thought it was the coolest thing ever. Cool dudes in backward caps and baggy jeans singing really fast? He couldn’t believe it. Cy knew very vaguely about rap music before this but because of his mother he wasn’t allowed to listen to any of it because it was “unholy”. From this point on Cy’s passion for music goes into full swing. He wanted to be just like those men on the music videos and on Pico’s CD’s. Him and Pico would begin writing raps together and even making music videos for them. They would never be published though. Even ones made at a later date when the boys got older.

Even though this life changing epiphany was a positive thing going on for him, middle school itself was not. School started becoming very difficult for him and he started slacking pretty badly. And as highschool came around, this only worsened. This started causing problems in his home life. His mother would constantly talk down on him and always compare him to Miko who was advancing at a much vfaster pace than him. Late middle school and high school is when his relationship with his mother would sour. The two would argue often and sometimes his mother would get physical with him. But he never hit her back. He really did love his mother even with how she treated him. Cy began to care less and less about school as he got older. He would cheat off other students, he was late to every class all the time, and sometimes he would just not turn up and fuck off somewhere else.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention Pico and Cy’s relationship. Okay, let's shoehorn this in real quick. When the boys were in the 6th or 7th grade, Pico confessed to Cy that he had feelings for him. At first Cy was put off by it, but after a little bit of time he realized he felt the same and the two started dating in secret. The relationship was fine. It was hard for them because they had to be so secretive about it, but they made it work. Okay, let's get depressing!

Sophmore year of highschool (10th grade), tradegy stuck. Cy was at home sick when the news broke that their high school was intruded by a group of shooters. Everything after this point just goes completely downhill. His best friend/boyfriend was not the same anymore, and their relationship quickly started falling apart. The boys were both so easily irritable, and they were both so stubborn that instead of trying to make things better they would blame each other and argue. They broke up junior year and completely stopped talking to each other. In other depressing news, Cy’s home life still sucked! Him and his mother were still butting heads, and in one heated arguement Cy told her he hated her, which caused her to throw him out her house and disown him. During that time he stayed with Pico for weeks and that was when their relationship started failing. Who knew putting two angry 16 year olds in a house together was a bad idea? AFter the boys broke up, Cy went back to his mother and begged her to let him back in. His father and sister didn’t live there anymore at this point (they moved back to japan) so it was just her. She let him back in under the consition that he did everything she said and would never disobey her again. He had no choice but to oblige considering if he didn’t he would be homeless. From 16-18, he stayed with his mother and actually started trying in highschool (he would still cheat and slack but he tried doing it less). Magically he graduated high school and his mother shipped him off to college. Though college was more difficult, he enjoyed the freedom of being able to go back to not giving a shit about school and slacking as much as he wanted. And most importantly, he could now focus on music. Now it’s finally 2001.


BORN IN 1982, Lolita was the product of two of the most powerful and dangerous demons in all of hell ex-rockstar(at the time still a rockstar) Diego Gomez and popstar Maria Valentino, more known by their stage names “Daddy Dearest” and “Mommy Mearest”. She was born in hell, but she didn’t stay for very long because her parents moved her up to Earth. Her parents were afraid of putting her through the dangerous lifestyle that came with living in Hell and moved up to Earth. Because she has been on Earth for most of her life, she spent most of her time in her human form because it felt natural to her. As a child she spent a lot of time by herself because she felt like an outcast. Even though she looked like a human to the other kids, she knew she’d never be like them. She would always be a demon. With her time alone she became fond of art, specifically painting. So while the other kids were playing outside during recess, she would stay inside with the teacher and draw. Sometimes the teacher would give her access to different art supplies. That was when she discovered she liked to paint. Her interest in painting became a full fledged passion of hers that she began taking seriously as she got older. Speaking of getting older, let's skip ahead a bit.

When middle school came around, Lolita hit puberty and yk became pretty and stuff and this made people take interest in her more. So she used this to her advantage. She started making friends and getting into the dating scene. Unfortunately for her most of the relationships ended rather quickly. She got bored with them very fast, and most men only wanted her for one thing anyways. Lolita was pretty and had wealthy parents so she became pretty popular. Most of the people she befriended and dated didn’t really mean much to her. Except for one girl. In highschool, maybe like sophmore or junior year, a new student came. This student was Carol. Lolita immidietly introduced herself and the two became friends. It was clear to her that Carol had no idea that Loli was popular, and seemed like she liked her for her. The two girls became very close and considered each other best friends. Aside from that and her dating life, her middle school and high school life was rather uneventful. She did the occasional partying and mischief like most kids her age at the time, mainly to fit in with the human kids. But for the most part, it was a normal school life. But at 18 her life took an…interesting turn.

After she graduated highschool, she applied to her dream art school and got rejected. She was devastated, and didnt know what to do with her life. She decided to take time away from school to better herself and started searching for jobs instead. Luckily for her an opportunity for work wasn’t far away. After years and years of being a rockstar, her father eventually retired from the role when she was around 15 years old and decided to venture into a new profession. At 18 he opened the “Dearest’s Diner”. It was the type of diner that offered food, beverages, and live music. He hadn’t really been in the spotlight after disappearing from the music scene, so people were surprised by the opening of this diner and it quickly started gaining traction. Because the people were racking up so quickly, Daddy D needed a little help. He offered Lolita a job to help him out and she agreed. Since she didn’t go to college and was unemployed this gave her something to do while she figured her life out. She worked as a waitress since it was the easiest job for her (and Daddy D didn’t trust her in the kitchen). While working there she began forming relationsips with the regulars. Talking to customers was her favorite part of working. But there was one regular in particular that she never spoke to. Some nights, a short and chubby blue-haired boy would come in and sit far away from everyone. Sometimes he wouldn’t even order anything. He was always so into the musicl. He was such an intersting character to her. She liked to watch him, but she was too nervous to talk to him and avoided him at all costs. She wouldn’t even take his order and would get a different waitress to do so. Then one day on a Friday night in 2001, while on her break she mustered up the courage to finally approach him.


Don’t worry, I swear this section won’t be TOO long.

I already told the story of how Lolita and Cy met each other in a cringey ass fanfic (you can read that here) so I’ll give you the rundown so we can speed through this shit.

Blah blah blah Lolita worked at “The Dearest’s” that was opened by her dad and Cy would frequent the place often becuase it had live music and he’s a music nerd. One night while there he got a glimpse of Lolita and it was love at first sight for him. But when Lolita saw him, she didn’t immidietly catch interest in him, she was just facinated by his appearance really. The two would both avoid each other; one was a socially awkward dumbass and one was…well also pretty socially awkward. Finally though, one Friday night while Lolita was on her break she decided to finally strike up a chat with him. Their conversation was pretty lackluster, with Lolita carrying most of it because Cy couldn’t stop tripping over his words. But Lolita thought he was cute and gave him her phone number before she left. That same night he called her, not expecting her to pick up. But when she did, the two spent hours on the phone together. From then on, they started to become close and eventually started dating. Unfortunately for Cy when all seemed to be going well for him finally, he ran into some trouble with her parents. This is the part of the story we already know, but I’m gonna reiterate anyways because of the stuff I added. So yada yada Lolita’s parents don’t like Cy. They think he’s fugly and annoying. And there was something else about him that they just couldn’t put their finger on. When Daddy D found out Cy was a “rapper”, he decided that they settle their feud with a sing off. He thought with his years of experience he could easily knock that shrimp to the floor. Unexpectedly, Cy won this sing off, which caused him to blow up tremendously, since it was performed on stage as one of the live shows at the Dearests and a lot of people saw it. Some time after this Cy drops out of college. I didn't know where to put this info so I'm shoving it here lol. But they weren’t done with him yet. Next came her famous popstar mother Mommy Mearest. This time it wasn’t performed in front of some audience at a live show. On a day the couple were least expecting, she snatched the two up and demanded a batte right at that moment. The thing is, the three of them were all standing on MOVING CARS ON THE HIGHWAY. Cy felt the adrenaline rushing in and accepted her challenge, masking his fear with confidence. This also ended up being broadcasted live on TV by various news outlets. It was much harder than the previous battle, but he pulled through and won. This shot his name through the ROOF. Now that he had gotten the boost from beating both of her parents, he was able to launch his dream career as a rapper and began making and releasing his own music. As for Lolita, since everything Cy did was very notably done for her, she now had a bit of a spotlight on her. Ontop of being known as “the daughter of two famous people” she was also known as “the girlfriend of that weird fat blue haired kid that won’t stop showing up on the news for doing crazy shit”. She was noticed for her beauty and she became sort of like a “prize” to many of the men whowould challenge her boyfriend to a rap battle. Of course none of them ever won, and even if they did Loli would never leave her boyfriend for them. It was just a ruse to make the show more entertaining. 2001-2002 were the prime years of Cy’s fame. But now it’s 2003.


2003. Lolita was madly in love with Cy and Cy was beyond head over heels for Loli. It was apparent that these two never planned on parting ways, so the two decided to move in together. It took months for Loli’s parents to agree to it, but Lolita was 21 years old now, and they had to accept the fact that she was growing up and wasn’t leaving that fucking moron any time soon. So the couple moved into a shitty apartment together. Sure his music career was going well but he still didn’t have the money to get a decent place. But that didn’t matter to them. They were just happy to finally be together.

Now that they were free and could be together all the time, this meant that they could have a lot more SEX. Also of course be happy and live out the rest of their lives free from Loli’s parents' bullshit (or as free as they could be from them before they struck again). But most importantly, the sex. Ever since they moved together, the topic of marriage and family had come up a few times, but Cy never really entertained the conversations. It was pretty apparent that he didn’t want kids and wasn’t a fan of marriage and that Loli DID want kids and DID want to get married, but neither of them ever outright said it to each other. So for the most part, it was a mutual agreement to keep things how they were. Now as mentioned earlier, they had a lot of sex, which is why converstaions like these would sometimes come about. They made sure to be careful and to always stay protected when doing so but sometimes they would run out of said protection and in the heat of the moment no one wants to stop and run to the store to pick up a box of fucking condoms, so they’d just go on ahead without one. Lolita has only let this happen a few times, but what she didn’t know was that Cy’s pullout game was weak. Every time they didn’t use protection, Cy would reassure her that it was fine and nothing was gonna happen. And she truly did trust him. And when nothing happened, they both got a bit cocky (hehe) and would sometimes not use protection just for the hell of it. Unsurpursingly something DID end up happening.

Some time goes by and Lolita randomly misses her period. At first she didn’t think much of it because A she’s an idiot and B she figured it would just come later than usual. But it never came. Then another month went by. Still nothing. So finally Loli starts to freak out a little. She thought she was either going through menopause at the ripe age of 21 or worse. So she did what any girl would do in this situation and went to her best friend Carol about it. Carol tried remaining calm about it (but internally freaked out) and told her to take a pregnacy test immediately and even if it’s negative still go to a doctor because that wasn’t normal. Loli was afraid to do either of those things but the main thing that was on her mind was Cy. She had no clue how she would tell him. She knew he wouldn’t be happy about it and thought it would drive him away. After a casual little panic attack the girls went to the dollar store and picked up a shit ton of pregnacy tests. She waited a few days before finally taking them after not being able to handle the anxiety any longer. When she took them, every single one said positive. Every. Single. One. So that night before bed, she decided to break the news to Cy. At first, he thought she was joking and played along. But she wasn’t laughing jokingingly. She only laughed nervously. Then she showed him the tests and it hit him. She wasn’t joking. This was actually happening. And to top it all off, she asked if he was okay with her KEEPING IT. Doing everything in his power to hide his urge to shoot himself on the spot, he said okay, and she seemed so excited. But Cy was the complete opposite. He felt guilt and shame for doing this to her. Now he had no choice but to live with the consequences of his actions. He knew he was gonna have to live with this reality and he was gonna have to suck it up. Cy was too stubborn to admit. This was his life now, and those kids were gonna come whether he liked it or not.Later on when they found out it was gonna be twins the feelings on both sides intensified. Lolita was a bit scared but was extra excited about having both a boy and a girl while Cy was DEVASTATED. Having one kid was already enough to make him wanna die but 2 at once? The thought made him miserable. Lolita could see this even though he tried to hide it, which made HER miserable. So for a while, the relationship was filled with fake smiles. Lolita was unhappy that her boyfriend was unhappy, and Cy was unhappy that he knocked up his girl and now he’s gonnan be a dad at 22. Further in the pregnancy things did end up taking a turn for the better. Cy had come to terms with the idea of being a father, though he wasn’t particularly excited about the responsibilities that came with it. But Lolita was estatic about becoming a mother, which is what caused Cy to have a change of heart. Seeing the love of his life be this excited about something made him excited too. Plus she was so cute with the baby bump I mean come on.

2004. It’s 2004 and the twins Lola and Roberto are born in the early hours of the morning. As you can probably imagine, it was a stressful first couple of months for the new parents, but they were managing. All was well for a while especially with the Dearest’s occasionally helping the couple with the babies. But then one day, several months now, Lola starts crying hyserially like she’s been shot in the foot or something. Like the kid starts crying like crazy. This of course puts Lolita and Cy into panic so they went to the doctor about it. They are relieved when the doctor tells them that she’s just teething and tells them all the ways they can help her with the pain. So they’re doin all this shit but Lola is still crying like crazy. Then the tooth finally starts showing and it makes sense why she had been crying so much. The tooth was SHARP. This made the parents consider something they didn’t really think about before having these children; angels and demons DON’T mix. They completely forgot about this and the fact that it could be an issue. And sure enough it does become one but we’re not there yet. So now the parents are super on edge but they try to keep calm. When Robbie's teeth came in they weren’t sharp, which came as a relief to the parents. For a while they believed that maybe things would be alright. For the most part, the twins have a pretty smooth sailing babyhood. They closely watched the children to make sure no other weird things were happening and for the rest of their babyhood the children were pretty normal aside from the occasional not normal thing like one of the babies lifting up a heavy thing like it's nothing or silly things like that.

Aight let's speed this shit up ik you’re sick of reading and I'm sick of typing.

It’s 2008 now and Lolita became pregnant with child number 3. This time Cy isn’t all depressed and shit about it he’s just like “oh cool are we keepin’ this one?” and she’s like “ye”. Everything is going fine and stuff. Until more shit starts happeing to Lola lol. Lola started developing a really strange rash all over her body. It was itchy, purple, and it burned. Robbie wasn’t having this problem, only Lola. So of course the parents take her to the doctors again. Unfortunately for them the doctors couldn’t grasp what was causing this. They prescribed her some cream to help with the itching and told them to come back if it continued. The cream did help with the pain, but it didn’t get rid of the rashes. ON TOP of the rashes, later on she would start complaining about headaches. At first the parents didn’t think this was anything demon or angel related and thought there might’ve been something seriously wrong with their daughter. They took Lola to the doctors several times before finally getting some sort of answer.

After some tests from a previous hospital visit the parents are told that they found something going on in Lola’s blood. They didn’t know what it was but whatever it was she was born with it. They described it as a “contamination of the blood” or something like that idk I’m not a doctor idk doctor talk. This is when the parents started putting pieces together that this may be because of the whole demon-angel thing. So yk Lola is scared she thought she was fucking dying and the parents are also scared because THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS FUCKING DYING but they had to stay strong for their daughter and keep her calm. Because the doctors didn’t understand demon and angel stuff, they were gonna need help from someone who did. In comes the Dearests. Loli’s parents still didn’t like Cy, but they loved their daughter and cared for her children. So when the couple went to Loli’s parents about Lola they were happy to help. Unfortunately it wasn’t very easy to find a concrete answer for a situation like this since demon and human procreation is EXTREMELY RARE. ★NOTE!: And there’s a good reason why. It was extremely dangerous for the offspring. There was a very high chance that offspring wouldn’t survive because demon blood and human blood do not mix well. The human body isn’t made to contain demon blood. This is not the same for angels though. An angel and a human can procreate and have their baby not fucking die but it will still have some complications. Then there’s demons and angels. Demons and angels are NOT meant to procreate. Their children are destined to die and if they end up surving, they will be killed by either demon higher up or angel higher ups, dempending on where the mother is from. The mother will also be killed as well as the father. Angel and demon blood certainly dont mix. Infact they are AGAINST EACH OTHER. It’s like if a dog fucked a bird yk? It’s wrong and that baby will be all types of fucked up and die after like 2 hours of being born. But don’t worry. Loli and Cy’s children have plot armour.

MM believed that Lola was experiencing her demon transformation. The purple rashes were most likely the purple demon skin burning through her natural skin colored flesh and the headaches will have had to be from horn growth. This was of course the obvious answer and made more sense as to why the doctors couldn’t figure it out. Loli’s parents warned them to keep an eye on Lola since she was still a human girl. If the symptoms were to worsen, they could possibly kill her. Nothing like putting more stress on a pregnant woman! They were extremely worried about Lola and they started to fear for Robbies safety aswell and their unborn child because now there was a chance that things would happen to those two as well. Eventually, Lola’s symptoms start to die down and their unborn son is becoming coser to being born. Uhhh somewhere in this timeline Cy proposes to Lolita lol. Yeah sorry I didn’t know where to properly put this but just know it happens before Forrest is born. It actually happens before Lolita knows she’s even pregnant with Forrest so putting this at the end makes no sense lol. Speaking of Forrest:

FAMILY NIGHT FRIDAY: 2009-PRESENT (present as in like 2012 not as in 2023)

Okay finally let's wrap it up. Forrest is born and has blue hair and Cy was super excited to have a mini him around. Little did he know Forrest was gonna be a “mini him” in more ways than one. When Forrest started to get to the age where he would be talking and understanding easy things, he wasn’t. He was still only making sounds. At first the parents blew this off as him being a stubborn baby. Until they noticed he wouldn’t respond to his name. Or anything. He didn’t even babble like a baby. They were just grunts and sounds that came out of him. So yk yk they took him to the doc and found out he was completely deaf in both ears.

Now the parents had to start teaching him sign language, which Lolita didn’t know but (I know he’s stupid but just let me have this one) Cy was pretty fluent in. Since hard of hearing was a trait in his family, he was taught sign language by his father, who was also hard of hearing. So he thought he was gonna have to teach his whole damn family sign language but Loli was nice enough to start taking classes in order to help him out. Yeah. That’s that.

SOOOOOOOOOO what now? Well, things are goin well for the family until I decide that it isn’t. It’s 2011 or 2012 and the family goes through their little cartoonish family hijinks and they have family night every Friday. Think of them as like any other cartoon family. If you take out all the angsty, depressing backstory then that is actually all this story is LOL. They are just a silly familly going through silly family shit.

Yeah. idk. Can you tell this ending was rushed?

K goodbye.